Grand-ish Debut Delayed! New Stock Slowly Rolling In!

Chalk it up to a rookie mistake.
The planned debut of Midnight Records will no longer be on Valentine’s Day, because we discovered the hard way that tables at the Hillhurst-Sunnyside flea market fill up FAST!
While this is a bit of a setback, there is a positive note to this turn of events. This means that we now have an additional two-three weeks to add more inventory to the shop, which is obviously a great thing. So please stay tuned, follow us on Facebook, and if you have anything you’d like to consign or donate to the shop – please do!

Hey pals!

First things first. We’re on track to have our grand debut in February! Our first appearance will be at the Hillhurst-Sunnyside Flea Market on Valentine’s Day! More info to come, but if you find yourself lonely and need to soothe that gap in your heart, why not buy some punk records, tapes, and CDs? Fuck heartbreak, it’s all about earache.

As such, we are upping our stock. Order have been placed with Havoc Records, Ebullition, Active Distribution (UK),and Pioneers Press. This means that there will be some classic and soon-to-be classic crust, hardcore, anarchopunk, and zines to look through and warp your mind. In addition, we’ve received a bunch of tapes from Edmonton raw D-beat fux Narkotta,¬† Victoria anarchopunx Infantile Dissention, Vancouver feminist ragers Brocrusher, plus LPs from Victoria anarchists Not A Cost! Other recent additions to the shop include many copies of the final Misery 12″, Life “Violence, Peace & Peace Research” LPs, a bunch of Zero 7″s, Iskra “Bureval” cassettes, Iskra “Bureval Demos” LPs, Iskra/Ash and Ruin split EPs, Hellbastard/Dresden split LPs, Deathwish (Wisconsin Motorcrust ragers) LPs, a bunch of War//Plague stuff, and tons of recent issues of Maximum Rock-n-Roll.

And there’s tons more to come.


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