Who We Are.

In the short term, Midnight Records is a small pop-up distro/record shop run by a very small team of Calgary punks. The goal is to get punk music into the hands of the punks for as cheaply as possible. Not content to merely table at shows, we are invading flea markets in order to spread the word of DIY punk to curious kids who may not be familiar with the international DIY network. Many record shops have a decent punk section… but due to various reasons both legitimate and not, prices are way less affordable than they should be. Punk is for the punks, not collector scum.

In the long term, we want a permanent space for the local punk community. We want an all-ages venue. We want a space where touring bands, traveling punks, local punks, and assorted weirdos can come together and feel safe at virtually any hour of the day. A permanent record shop where bands can play and we don’t have to worry about cops busting up the fun! Calgary has a strong local scene, and it’s time we build something together!

Midnight Records will be appearing at local flea markets a couple of times a month starting in February 2016. Volunteers always welcome!


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